Well the answer is you will get married when you are mentally and emotionally prepared for it. Arrange marriage might make it seem that marriages are practical arrangements involving age, background, financial & educational status and you can marry anyone as long as those parameters match but in actual any marriage is more than that. Unless you understand why you actually want to get married and are open to make that kind of commitment, you will not be married.

Try to understand your own needs from a partners , your reasons for wanting to get married , your fears in regards with relationships. Understand the past patterns of breakup of your relations and be realistic. These will help you to set your direction.

Meanwhile instead of just blaming your luck and moping around develop your skills & your personality. Be in love with yourself . Forgive yourself and those who have hurt you. Laugh & enjoy and live this MOMENT

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  1. I do agree. Living alone is very difficult I know but this is the ultimate option to stay happy. I can feel the pain now….

    1. Hey

      Hope everything is ok with you. Living alone does not make you happy or unhappy. Its the kind of relation that you have with yourself that matters. If you ever need support or advice feel free to send mail or tweet.

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