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Singles Girls FAQ Series (Q 2)- Why am I alone ?

There could be many reasons that you are alone , even when you are trying to do your best to find a life partner. Some things you need to evaluate and think about are

1> Do you love yourself the way you are : If you don’t love yourself , chances are that you will convey the same to the guy by acting needy & showing a lack of confidence.

2> Is your heart ready to love : Your own past relationships , the relationships of your parents & of those around you, have an impact on you. The psychological impact of same on you could lead you to self sabotage.

3> Do you have time & energy to invest on a relationship : Any budding relationship , even one through arranged marriage portals demand an investment of time & energy , analyse whether your career and personal circumstances allow you to be in a relationship.

A relationship coach can help you to deal with all this.

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