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4 week super silky skin regimen

COVID  might mean no regular massages and trips to the spa , but here is an easy 4 week regimen to get super silky skin at home.  And I can bet that you will “touch” the difference from day 1

What you need
a> Any oil ( buy what you can afford for daily use or make a blend, all of them are excellent for skin and provide different benefits – normal vegetable oil , coconut oil , mustard oil ,olive oil or almond oil )
b> Sugar / common salt
c> Milk powder
d> Rose Water / Lavender Water or plain water

What you need to do

Once/twice a week make a scrub by mixing sugar / salt with oil and scrubbing your body with it using light handed circular motion concentrating on elbows and knees. Do not scrub too hard as regular scrubbing will exfoliate your skin and make it smooth. Salt is also supposed to remove negative energies, so dual benefit 🙂

After scrubbing your skin apply a body pack by making a paste of milk powder mixed with rose water. Keep the pack for 15 minutes or till it dries and then wash off.

Everyday just before having a bath give yourself a 5 minutes massage with oil of your choice and then have your daily bath. Moisturize as usual ( you can make a moisturizer by mixing a cold cream with oil to get a lotion like consistency )

Following the above regimen for a month will lead to super soft lustrous skin.

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