Single Girl’s Guide to Living Alone

Choosing an Apartment
1> Security: Make sure that the area is safe (check with your new colleagues), apartment block is secure, has guards on duty (who actually o the job), check with current residents if they feel safe (in general you will too), check if approach road is well lit and has people moving around at the time you will be going out and coming back from office. A safe apartment may cost more, but is an essential not to be compromised on.

2> Budget : Decide on a budget and be clear about money you can afford to and want to spend on rent, based on these you’ll need to find out what types of apartments are available in your price range. You may even want to share your place, so you can afford a bigger / safer apartment, or one that is in a more desirable neighborhood.

( check out my single girl’s guide to aprtment hunting for more information )

Household Chores

1> Food : Living alone, food is going to be a major problem even if you know cooking – simple reason you won’t feel like cooking for yourself, after a long tiring day in office. If possible invest in a basic microwave & freezer (you can cook your meals on weekends & freeze the stuff), you can also get dabbas or join a mess. If no such option exists ask your neighbor (aunty) if she can give you dinner on payment basis.

2> Maid : Hire a maid , your house will be clean & clutter free -believe me despite your best promises , you won’t be cleaning your house  as often as you would like & washing dishes & clothes will make you feel burdened and lonely.

3> Shopping: Find the nearest discount shopping store (a D-Mart may come out to be cheaper than Big Bazaar for you) do all your shopping in bulk – this will get you better discounts. For small stuff your neighborhood kirana shop is a good bet.

Beating the Loneliness


Work hard at making new friends, with your new colleagues. Gym can be a great place to start new friendships & to keep you looking great. Join a hobby club or take up some extra classes (you will have fun doing something you wanted to learn & make friends).

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