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I am at peace with myself and the world. My relation with god is strong and my chakras are in balance. I take regular vacations , visit the spas and meditate regularly.

I have started my own group of companies and am independently wealthy and powerful. I am mentoring future leaders and being constantly interviewed by various magazines. My business is flourishing.

I am living in a huge 5 bedroom , fully landscaped house with my loving husband. Our dog is relaxing by the fireplace in our library while we are lazing in the huge pool ( and talking about our next luxury vacation ) outside and can view the sea from our pool. We have a sports car , a SUV and a luxury sedan parked in the garage. The birds are chirping in our huge garden.

I have met my dream guy who’s rich , good looking ,intelligent ,funny and loyal. He loves me totally. We are getting married and our families are totally happy that we have found each other.


Today is my wedding with my soulmate – the guy who understands me , loves me unconditionally , gives me the strength to conquer the world. Is rich , good looking , intelligent and funny. We are having a small hindu wedding by the beach where my nana – nani are blessing me. His family adores me.
I am healthy and fit. My skin glows and I have a sexy toned figure. I love to eat healthy , exercise and meditate daily.

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