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Single Girl’s Guide to First Phone Call Date – Matrimonial Sites /Arrange Marriage/Internet Dating

 I have been talking with a couple of guys selected from Jeevansathi/Shaadi or selected by my parents. During my phone calls which usually happen, before I have met the guy I realized that the first phone call can be tough. Its awkward speaking to someone whose biodata is the only thing you have seen. So, here is my list of tips for that first call to know the person & retain the interest (try it if you want but remember I’m still single)

1>    Ask open ended questions – guys love to feel important, by questioning him & listening to what’s important to him you are engaging him.

2>    Normally any guy who is calling you will want to make a good impression. He will try hard to carry on witty, fun, and pleasant conversations and use it to discover your interests and feelings –laugh at his jokes, have some of your own to share.

3>    Don’t talk about breakups/past relations etc in the first phone call. Any unpleasant stuff you may be asked, should be answered wrapped in layers of humour

4>    When you speak with energy, and enthusiasm (don’t explode with enthusiasm or giggle like a crazy)

5>     Don’t go on and on about a subject. If asked a question, give some information, and then smoothly point the conversation back to him

6>    Disconnect the call on a high to make it memorable for him

Things you can talk about

1>    Hobbies – Any shared interests will give you ideas for your actual date and an insight of the person he is

2>    Growing-up years including education

3>    General items in news that you can talk about

4>    Likes & dislikes / habits – how do you match up, you may discover things that are a strict no to you ( chain smoking, eating habits etc)

5>    Family – If you people end up getting married, they will play a huge role. His relations with his family will tell you what you may be getting into

6>    Career plan – To give you an idea of his ambitions and all

Wish you all the best for your first phone call.


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