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Easy Microwave Recipe for Boiling Milk , Making Tea ,Coffee & Paneer ( cottage cheese)

Make 1 cup Coffee in Microwave

• Heat ½ cup milk for 2 minutes in microwave

• Add ½ cup water, sugar & 1 tsp coffee to the milk & heat for 40 seconds

• Your coffee is ready

Make 1 cup Tea in Microwave

• Heat ½ cup water with tea-bag & sugar and heat for 2 minute

• Add milk and heat for 1 minute

• Your tea is ready

• You can also heat the milk & water together but the tea may taste a bit different

Boil Milk in Microwave

• Take 1 packet milk (500ml) in microwave safe bowl

• Heat for 4 minutes

• If not boiled heat for 30 seconds more.

• Keep your eye open to avoid spillages

Make Paneer in the microwave

• Micro on  high 4 cups of milk in a doubly sized microwave safe bowl for 5 minutes.

• Stir every 2 minutes in between.

• Now add 2 tbsp of curd and micro on high for 1 more minute. Leave it to cool for five minutes and then drain out the water.

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