Finding an apartment : Single girl checklist

I have been living alone in Pune, for about 3 years now…Decided to look for a new flat to rent as lease was about to expire, was facing some problems with landlord and wanted to move to a place, where I will have some kind of social life.

Shortlisted Aundh as  the final location, but finding a nice apartment to my liking and in my budget was a tough job.

Started with looking at 1 bedroom flat and finally zeroed in on a 2 bhk apartment. During this month long house hunt learnt that any single girl living alone should check the following things before finalizing the apartment.

1> General safety of location

2>Availability of parking space if you drive or distance from the bus stop / auto stand.

3> Frequency of public transport

4> Approach to your flat – is it well lighted & safe

5> Is there enough public around & is the area well lit during your normal commute timings

6> Actual commute timing ( it may be close, but due to traffic conditions , may take  a longer time , so check it out before finalizing)

7> Never take a flat on ground floor – its easiest to break into

8> If possible opt for a flat in a society, with security guards. If not possible check with neighbours on security

9> Distance from nearest grocery store – you are bound to forget a few items, you wantesd to buy & a nearby grocery store will come in handy for those urgent purchases.

Other things you may want to consider are nearness to gym/beauty parlour/home-delivery/mess/doctor/chemist etc.

Have fun, house hunting.

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